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  • APCO Advocates for Appropriate Recognition of Public Safety Telecommunications

    Today, APCO filed formal comments with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) advocating that Public Safety Telecommunicators be recognized for the critical work they do to protect and save the lives of the general public and first responders. Specifically, APCO challenged OMB’s failure to reclassify Public Safety Telecommunicators as Protective Service Occupations in the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC).


    9-1-1 Professionals Are NOT Like Clerical Workers and Taxicab Dispatchers!

    This is your LAST CHANCE FOR 10 MORE YEARS to tell federal officials you deserve recognition and respect for the life and death nature of the work you do. COMMENTS ARE DUE TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 20. If you have not already done so click HERE right now and follow our simple instructions to add an example or two of how you protect and save lives. Already filed comments? Convince as many of your colleagues as possible to do the same. Federal officials responsible for reclassification clearly do not appreciate what you do. Help educate them!

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