My Transformational Commitment

By Ann Green posted 04-10-2017 11:18


In 1991 when I committed to take emergency calls from the community whenever the dire need of police, fire, and ambulance services arose, I was only concerned with my best service to the community. When I was trained to become a police dispatcher, my concern was to serve the police response team in such a manner to keep them informed and safe while responding to the community.

When I committed to Lead my team of dispatchers, I concern opened up to where I strived to do my best to keep the men and women who I worked alongside of, well-versed and up to date while making sure the shift operated effectively.

In 2009, after I accepted the job as Manager of police dispatch, my commitment became a huge umbrella that encompasses the entire process of public safety. In addition to my original commitments, it is my job to make sure that those men and women who are answering those 911 calls have the training and the skills to guide the responders to help people in distress.  It is also my job to make sure that after stressful incidents, dispatch staff has the time to decompress and process what they have just heard or done.

It is also my job to be their anchor; to hold them down and lift them up. To keep our relationship professional, it is my belief that I cannot be their "besties", but I can be their anchor. I do feel it is okay to be there to celebrate their small life victories like promotions, educational advances, getting married, or buying their first home.

This week, most of all I am here to make sure others in our community know what true heroes Houston ISD Police Dispatchers are.