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Inputs for APCO-Atlantic Summer 2014 Newsletter

By Lawrence Lafferty posted 06-05-2014 03:38

Hi Everyone,

Just a friendly reminder to get any inputs you may have newsworthy to your respective state co-editor(s) prior to June 21, 2014 deadline.

See below for state co-editors;

Any inputs you may have (photos and/or write-ups) for submission to the upcoming newsletter please send to you respective state Co-Editor. Below is a current listing of Co-Editors;
CT - Lawrence Lafferty -
MA - Leslie Carroll -
ME - Phil Viola - or Joe Thornton -
NH - Gil Emery -
NJ - Adam Berg -
NY - Christina Dravis - or Robert  or Joseph Demars
RI - currently vacant - send to CT Co-Editor - David Kareemo
Remember this is your newsletter. Any information you may have regarding your department or agency and would like others to know submit it anytime throughout the year, not just once a year during Telecomminicator Week.