Partnership Training & Combined Chapters Meeting

Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CT

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0800-0850 It’s My Dream! I Can Dream It Anyway I Want!

During this presentation, we will learn how to be and stay motivated personally and professionally as we recognize the value of positive thinking.   Additionally, we will review additional resources to develop ourselves personally and professionally. 1 Hr Interpersonal Perspectives

Laurie Wall
0900-0950 Handling Difficult Callers

It is important as telecommunicators to be able to handle a wide variety of personalities. We are usually not talking to people while they are at their best.  They may not be responsive to us.  They may not understand exactly what they want themselves.  During this session, we will discuss techniques to handle various types of difficult callers, learn from case study audio, and describe ways to project a positive and professional image to callers. 1 Hr Interpersonal Perspectives

Roger Martin
0830-0950 Legislative Task Force (Officer Briefing Room) Representatives
1000-1200 Combined Chapter/Association Meeting Presidents
1300-1350 When Character Counts

When we hire telecommunicators there are many traits or characteristics we are looking for. The purpose of this presentation is to go back to the basics – what is it that they saw in us, and how have we grown and changed in those characteristics. 1 Hr Interpersonal Perspectives

Cheryl Konarski
1400-1450 What Should I Tell Them?

As a 911 operator, you may have heard yourself say “Every day is something new” while other days leave you feeling “I’ve heard it all”. The purpose of this course is to call to mind some of those unique situations that we may have never considered, make them more familiar and include a few key tips in handling them effectively as a 911 operator. 1 Hr Interpersonal Perspectives & 1 Hr Skill Development

Angie Stiefermann
1600-1630 MO Professional Partnership Meeting

Review of the training year and Partnership administration. Discussion of available resources and plans for the remainder of the calendar year.

Partnership Chairs


Jefferson City Police Department
401 Monroe Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101


Roger Martin