By Barry Laise posted 08-08-2020 07:32

Wondering how often others have utilized the TDD/TTY systems.  In 20 years I haven't taken any TDD/TTY calls.  I have taken plenty of Video Relay Service (VRS) calls, 5 in one day.  How often do you practice the TDD/TYY in accordance with the ADA mandate.  We test the capability weekly.



10-05-2020 01:49

We still have the technology there and test it monthly. I am not aware of anyone in our center who has fielded an actual TDD call for an emergency. As you stated we have had several relay calls and have had several text-to-911 calls with deaf/HoH members of the public.

08-21-2020 08:14

Mr. Laise, 

TDD/TTY calls are rare here, too. I can count on one hand the number of them I've taken over my 19 years. We do have semi-regular experience with video relay with a hearing-impaired couple who call at least a few times a month for medical issues and disturbances with neighbors. 

Our policy mandates that our TDD/TTY capabilities are tested once per shift daily. I am not the one who collects the documentation for those tests, but I can say that when I was on the floor, it was not as consistently tested as it should have been. 

I am hoping that consumers are more aware of the capabilities of texting to 911 these days. Even though texting is much slower than obtaining information by voice, it is less slow than TDD/TTY in that it won't garble transmissions if both parties are typing information at the same time. 

Still, it's a fair question to ask and something that yes, I think probably the industry should have improvement for compliance requirements.