New Community is Open: Fish & Game Communications Centers

By Diana Sprain posted 07-01-2018 20:33

Calling all of you FIsh & Game Telecommunicators & field personnel who work in the conservation or natural resources division of Public Safety. We have our own Community! Come join the group. Share your ideas. How do you handle this unique job? Not only do we work with people but we must deal with wild animals of all sorts on a daily basis. Many of us work for a State. In my case, our Department has one Dispatch center for the entire state. That is a lot of geography to keep in my head! Different parts of the State have different issues. Rules are supposed to be the same but we all know how that goes. Cover units can take hours. Talk about being on the edge of your seat until that "I'm okay" finally comes through. We also monitor aircraft.

Pursuits, foot chases? Sure, we get those. We also have rolling boat checks, atv checks, and horse patrol in the back country. It's never dull.

We need to know about the animals to educate callers, and not just the hysterical resident who has found a snake in the garage, but the other agencies who don't always understand why we won't come remove an animal. 

So, welcome. Pull up a chair. .