Communications Open Forum


By Kimberly Burdick posted 01-10-2019 18:28

​I am here for you.  I will listen to you.  We will learn from each other.  We will mentor each other.


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07-16-2019 01:03

I'm pleased and proud to learn that Montana has joined the Florida, Washington, and CPRA chapters in endorsing Kimberly for 2nd Vice President of APCO, International. Kimberly's record of prior contributions to the Montana Chapter, the APCO Intl. Executive Council, its Board of Directors, many committees and task forces, and back with the chapter to serve as president speaks for itself. She has already been honored nationally with APCO Life Membership, the Association's highest membership honor awarded for career contributions. With boundless energy, sterling dedication, and dogged determination to advance public safety communications, she now steps back up to help lead our fine organization.

I'm proud to call Kimberly a friend and thrilled to have been able to watch her horizons grow over 30 years from the earliest days of her 9-1-1 career in Fort Benton to this. She inspires us with her focus, hard work, and positive attitude carried throughout life's ups and downs.

You have my vote, Kimberly!  Even more, you have my respect for what you already done for our field and my admiration for being willing to serve again and again in leading public safety forward.

With warm and high regards,