Dispatchers Work Schedule

By Maria Sanchez-Gonzalez posted 07-19-2018 10:25

Hello Everyone

Our agency has been working on 12hr shifts for many years and now they want us to move to 40hr a week schedule. We have six dispatchers and we are open 24/7 360 days a yr. Does anyone work on a 40hr work week that is open 24/7 ? Right now we work a long week and a short week. I have tried coming up with a schedule but not having any luck. If someone could share their schedule I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance. 

Maria Gonzalez
Palmetto Police Department
Palmetto Florida



07-30-2018 09:41

Thanks Dawna but I only have 6 dispatchers total so 8hr shifts would not work. I was thinking of 10hr shifts but I will have to be changing everyone each week so they can still get every other weekend off. Thanks for the input

07-25-2018 19:04


Our agency works a 40 hour week - I'm not sure how many dispatchers you are required to have on duty at one time but we require a minimum of two per shift = 6 per day.  This doens't include myself or my assistant / we currently have 14 full-time dispatchers.  I would be glad to share with you our schedule and work out any questions you may have.  For our agency the 8 hour shifts is better and I'm sure there are others that utilize it also.