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Senior Telecommunicator Job Description

By Vincent Corrao posted 05-15-2019 09:41

We at the Tuscaloosa County Emergency Communications District are looking into the development of a position titled "Senior Telecommunicator".  We plan to insert this position classification as a step above a basic telecommunicator and under the position of shift supervisor. At a minimum, the individual must have obtained a C.T.O. certification which is in good standing. We are in budget preparations for the upcoming fiscal year. Your input would be invaluable.
Does any agency have a sample job description, for an equivalent position, they could send me?
Thank you,

Vincent Corrao
Deputy Director



11-03-2020 19:47

This is what we use in New Jersey. Its some additional responsibilities (like training) than the Public Safety Telecommunicator position. In my agency, they are seen more as a shift supervisor, and that allows the Supervisor to handle more admin jobs.

06-11-2019 10:50

We have three of these positions at our agency, to which I am one of.  I can send you some information if you are still interested!